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Sudhakshar Granules (60 gm) - Herbal Solution for Urinary Health | Sanchomee Herboveda

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Sudhakshar Granules offer an Ayurvedic solution specifically formulated for urinary health and disorders.

Ingredients: Apamarg Ksr., Kokilaksha Wh. Pl., Dhanyaka Sd., Ushira Rt., Gokshura Frt., Punarnava Sd., Jeeraka Sd., Barbari Sd., Ikshumool Rt., Darbha Rt., Kusha Rt., Kasha Rt., Shara Rt., Sulphur-free Sugar. 


  • It is beneficial for treating increased creatinine levels.
  • It is beneficial in removing urine stones.
  • It is beneficial in disorders of the urinary system.
  • It provides relief in burning sensation in urine.
  • It is beneficial in the problem of intermittent urination.

How to Use: Consume 2-5gm twice or thrice daily with warm water or as advised by a physician.

Enhance your urinary health naturally. Try Sudhakshar Granules now!

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