‘Sancho’ means fine/healthy with divine blessings from the holiness of the universe which stands behind and supports strongly to fight against all ill health and odds in one's life. Thus came into existence “Sanchomee lifestyle” to create a positive attitude in the ailing society towards the disease, self and the society in general. Overall Sanchomee lifestyle extends complete support to a healthy you and your social well-being  through different health care products developed with the sole intention of rediscovering the "Sancho-Mee” implying the "Healthy-Me" in all individuals associated with it.

Mission: To provide effective, preventive, nutritive and curative remedies for the betterment of the ailing society along with an earnest attempt to strengthen the divine moral support apparatus to fight back and survive all odds. 

Our vision is to make a mark in prevention, correction and treatment of various human health issues enabling each one to realize their Sanchomee."Healthy-Me" Lifestyle to the fullest.

At providing uncommon, genuine Ayurvedic and herbal remedies which will help the medical practitioners to widen their healing skills, potential and reputation. Shortly we will be at your clinic with the information of quality Ayurvedic and herbal remedies manufactured by genuine and devoted personalities aiming to serve humankind and promote Ayurveda with its original concept.