Sanchomee Herboveda

Santox Tablets (500) - Ayurvedic Formula for detoxification and skin ailments.

Rs. 1,650.00

Benefits of the product
 Gandhak Rasayana- Useful in treating skin diseases, pruritis, anti aging, improves
digestion, skin complexion and immunity.
 Anantmul- contains Hyperoside, Rutin, Hemidesmin-2; is kushtahara (useful in skin
diseases); kanduhara(useful in itching, pruritis); Amahar- relieves Ama.
 Detox action- Rectifies the agni (metabolic fire); cleanes and detoxifies rasa(digestive
juice and circulatory nutrition), enabling free circulation of nutrients to every cell of
the body and thus promoting body functions.
 Immune modulator- It corrects metabolism, enabling proper digestion and
assimilation of nutrients to the body tissues. The essence of all the tissues i.e., Ojas
regains its strength thus establishing immunity.

2. When to use the product (as in if you are having these problems then have this)
 Detoxifying body
 Liver disorders
 Immunity compromised individuals
 Skin diseases
 Allergic rhinitis
 Urticaria
3. Who can use this product
As per doctor’s supervision

4. Precautions
Hot potency, heavy to digest, sour food should be avoided

5. Key ingredients of the products
Haldi, Bhu Amla, Gandhak Rasayana, Shu Geru, Neem patra Ext., Anantmul Ext.

For regd. Medical practioners or laboratory use only.

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