Sanchomee Herboveda

Santox Syrup (200 ml) - Herbal formula for Detox

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Detoxify and fight against skin ailments for all age groups.


Bhuiamalki, Neem patra, Amlaki, Bibhitak, Haridra, Punarnava, Khadir, Dhanyak, Guduchi, Yashti, Chirayata, Ambadi phool, Survari Haritaki, Jeerak, Kadipatta, Belpatra, Peepal, Anantmool, Gomutra, Gomya rakh, Sharkara.


  • Detox action - cleanses and detoxifies the body, promoting body functions.
  • Immune modulator - helps establish immunity by correcting metabolism.
  • Anantmul - useful in skin diseases and relieves Ama.
  • Expels excess body heat through urine and aids in burning sensation of the body.

How to use:

Take 20 ml twice a day with equal parts water after a meal or as advised by the physician.

Packaging: 200 ml bottle.

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