Sanchomee Herboveda

Pankadali Juice (300 ml) - High fibre herbal juice for cleansing digestive system

Rs. 325

Sanchomee Pankadali Juice is a herbal juice for cleansing the digestive system and detoxifying the urinary tract. It helps flush toxins away from the urinary system and helps to prevent infections.


Panphuti leaves, Kadali kand, Gokharu fruit, Punarnava root, Pashanbhed root, Palash flower


  • It helps in cleaning the digestive system.
  • It detoxifies the urinary tract and helps to prevent infection.
  • It flushes away toxins from the digestive and urinary tract.
  • It has a high fibre content that boosts the digestive system.
  • It is equally useful in flushing away renal and gallbladder's unwanted abnormal substances.

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