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Nirvedana (60 Tablets) - Natural Relief for Joint and Muscle Pain

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Shallaki, Dashmool, Ashwagandha, Purnava, Chopchini, Bala,   Shiguru, Erand, Haritaki, GiloyHaridra, sonth, Kokilaksha, Suranjan shiree, Maharasnadi kwath, Gokhru, Nirgundi, Erand Oil.


  • Potent anti-inflamatory and anti-arthritic herbal combination.
  • Removes weakness, fatigue of bones, muscles and nerves due to overwork.
  • Anti inflammatory and analgesic action for quick relief in musculoskeletal pain.
  • Also useful in body ache associated with fever.
  • It has immuno modulator property. Also helps in malarial fever.

Dosage :

2 Tabs twice a day or as advised by the physician.

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