Sanchomee Herboveda

Natural Vitamin Masala (Essential Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients) (250 gm)

Rs. 591.00 Rs. 695.00

Fresh from the village kitchen, prepared at an ambient temperature, Natural vitamin masala, nutrifies your meal.

Ingredients - Moringa leaves, Coriander seeds, Mustard seeds, Cumin, Desi chana gram, Himalayan pink salt, Guntur chilli, Dash of garlic, Satara sugarcane extract, Aamchurna.

Features -
1. It helps provide daily need of all essential vitamins, minerals
and nutrients.
2. It is a good source of anti-inflammatories anti-oxidants
and essential aminoacids.
3. It has high Selenium and Chromium.

How to use -

It can be added as curd mix, buttermilk topping, on rice/ roti/ chapati or as a bread/ pizza/ pasta/ noodles topping and can be mixed with millets.

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