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Keshposh Masala - (Hair well-being | Blood Purification) 250 gm

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Fresh from the village kitchen, prepared at an ambient temperature, Keshposh masala, fortifies your meal.

Ingredients -  Curry leaves, Black gram, Coriander seeds, Mustard seeds, Cumin, Desi chana gram, Himalayan pink salt, Guntur chilli, Dash of garlic.

Features -
1. Keshposh Masala is a great option for hair well-being.
2. It helps the blood purification process.
3. It is a significant source of Vitamin D.
4. It is a rich source of flavanoids and has numerous
steroidal glycosides.
5. Keshposh masala also has a high amount of glycine.

Usage - 
+ Curd Mix
+ Buttermilk Topping
+ Rice/Chapati Paste
+ Bread Topping
+ Dosa Topping
+ Pasta/Noodles
+ Idli/Vadapav Chutney
+ Mix it with Millets

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