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Jwarvilom Tablet (60 Tablets) - Herbal Formula for treating Jwar

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Jwarvilom Tablet

  • Benefits of the product
      • It’s excellent antipyretic medicine. 
      • Mahasudarshan Ghan Vati has antipyretic properties. It reduces AMA, which blocks the channels in the body. It also unblocks the microchannels. It results in sweating and ultimately reduces fever.
      • Giloy is highly rich in antioxidants and has alkaloids like Berberine, choline, etc It has antipyretic, immune modulator, and anti viral properties. 
      • Sphatika Bhasma is useful in dry cough, fever.
      • Papita Patra is known for increasing platelets count, hence useful in dengue. 
  • It is useful in viral fever and associated symptoms like backache, body ache, and cough. 

  • When to use the product (as in if you are having these problems then have this)
  • Fever, Body ache, Low platelets count, Cough, and cold.

  • Who can use this product
  • All age groups can have this product and should be taken under the supervision of regd. doctor

  • Precautions
    • Avoid heavy to digest food, excess sweet and foods which cause obstruction of body channels.
    • Take rest, a diet rich in Vit. E and C
  • Key ingredients of the products
  • Mahasudarshan Ghana, Giloy Ext., Udamber Ext., Papita Patra Ext., Nirvedana Churna, Sphatika Bhasma For regd. Medical practioners or laboratory use only. 

    Dry cough, fever, WBC, RBC, Dengue, Low Platelets, back ache, body ache, and cough, Cough and cold, antipyretic medicine, antipyretic, Anti Viral, Viral Infection, Cough and cold Tablet, Body Pain Tablet

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