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Black Seed Oil - 7ml

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Black seed oil or Nigella sativa oil

Features : 

1. Increases immunity and appetite. It is very helpful brain power.

2. Kalonji /Black Seed oil is multifunctional or best multidisciplinary


3. It improves skin health.

4. It strengthens the brain, is analgesic.

5. Menstrual cramps are reduced. It is also suitable for women with

problems after age 40.

6. Suitable for all, young and old for all problems.

7. It has antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. As it

has cytotoxic properties, it helps effectively.

8. Due to this antioxidant properties, it can be useful in many issues

like cardiovascular diseases, asthma, liver, prostate, vitiligo for

hair loss. It can be used as a dietary supplement.

How to use :

Take a cup of warm water. Take one sip of warm water. Mix one spoon of honey and 1-2 ml of Kalonji oil. Eat it by licking then drink remaining warm water. Drink this in the morning before the breakfast.

Packing :

7 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml

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