Sanchomee Herboveda

Augen Capsules (60 capsules) - Natural dietary supplement for eye health and eye problems

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Sanchomee Augen Capsule is a combination of natural herbs that helps alleviate and manage eye problems like dryness and itching. It contains a blend of powerful ingredients like marigold, turmeric, green tea, carrot and grape seed extract that significantly benefits eye health.


  • Tagetes erecta (Marigold)
  • Curcuma longa (Turmeric)
  • Camellia sinensis (Green Tea)
  • Daucus carota (Carrot)
  • Foeniculum vulgare (Fennel)
  • Vitis vinifera (Grape Seed Extract)
  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra (Licorice)
  • Berberis aristata (Daruharidra)
  • Emblica officinalis, Terminalia belerica & Terminalia chebula (Triphala)

Each Veg. Cap contains extracts of –

Marigold-70 mg (Lutein) Tagetes erecta : Protects vision by guarding delicate tissues of the eyes from the effects of UV light, deterioration/aging & oxidative damage. Treats conjunctivitis and other chronic ocular inflammatory conditions,used for stomach upset, ulcers and menstrual period problems.

Turmeric - 50 mg (Curcumin) Curcuma longa : Reduces oxidation of the eye lens, acts as an antiseptic, improves symptoms of depression and arthritis, useful in heart disease, cancer and alzheimers.

Green Tea - 50 mg (Polyphenols) Camellia sinensis  : Antioxidant, helps in reducing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes; improves brain function, increases fat breakdown, prevents cancer, heart diseases, obesity and diabetes.

Carrot - 50 mg (Flavone) Daucus carota : : Maintains clear, sharp vision and reduces the risk of night blindness, rich in antioxidants and nutrients, helps reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, boosts immunity.

Fennel - 40 mg (Volatile matter) Foeniculum vulgare : Helpful for watery and inflamed eyes, helpful in treatment of cataracts & glaucoma; relieves indigestion, bloating & constipation, purifies the blood.

Grape Sd. Ext. - 40 mg (Polyphenol) Vitis vinifera : Good for the all-round health of the eyes, improves blood flow, help in reducing hypertension, protects brain, liver and kidneys, increases bone density and strength.

Ginkgo biloba - 40 mg (Glycosides & Flavones) : Reduces the risk of glaucoma and macular degeneration by acting as a cerebro-spinal dilator; reduces inflammation, increases blood circulation, improves memory, reduces stress and anxiety, improves asthma, premenstrual symptoms and sexual dysfunction.

Licorice -40 mg (Glycyrrhizin) Glycyrrhiza glabra : Suppresses angiogenesis in the retina and corneas, fights leading causes of vision loss; reduces stress, treats stomach and respiratory problems, protects skin and teeth.

Daruharidra - 35 mg Berberis aristata : Prevents infection, itching or irritation of eyes, protects eye lens; used in treatment of diarrhoea, haemorrhoids, jaundice, gynaecological disorders, HIV-AIDS, osteoporosis, diabetes, ear infections, wound healing, skin diseases and malarial fever.

Triphala - Each 20 mg Emblica officinalis, Terminalia belerica & Terminalia chebula: Maintains eye health, improves vision, reduces cataract problem and intraocular tension, prevents reddening, itching and watering of eyes; improves digestion, boosts immune system.

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