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Ashwagandha Capsules (60 capsules) - Natural dietary supplement for improving energy and inner healing mechanism

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Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera): Its a natural source providing restless energy, causes relaxation, and can be used in the condition of stress and fatigue.

Help to maintain physical and mental equilibrium, rejuvenate the body in debilitated conditions and increase longevity.

This herb is used as a general tonic and "adaptogen", helping the body adapt to stress, an 'adaptogen', a term used to describe herbs that improve physical energy and athletic ability, increase immunity to infection and increase energy, vigor, vitality, and stamina.
It is a natural dietary herb that increases strength, improves the quality and quantity of semen, useful in the management of white discoloration of the skin, edematous conditions. It helps clear impurities (Ama) from the various channels of the body. Useful in the condition of emaciation and under nutritive conditions. 

How to use:

Age 12 years and above 1-2 capsules in the morning and evening or as advised by the physician.

Packing :

60 veg. capsules

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